First Choice Funeral Funding

First Choice Funeral Funding simplifies the funding process so you can focus more on comforting your clients.

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About First Choice Funeral Funding

The use of life insurance policies to pay for a loved one’s funeral service/cemetery plot has always been a popular way for family members to be able to arrange an appropriate tribute. The funeral home/cemetery however, found themselves waiting weeks and sometimes months before the funds arrived from the insurance company.

First Choice Funeral Funding, lead by funeral service veterans, is the most cost-effective solution for funeral homes and cemeteries to better serve their clients and solve their cash flow woes. We assist your staff with the administration and communications with the insurance company, leaving you more time to care for your families. Everybody wins! Have questions? Contact Ray Visotski, Executive Vice President at or 803-507-5187.


Lower Accounts Receivable

First Choice Funeral Funding eliminates the outstanding accounts receivable for you and handles the headaches of collection.

24 Hour Funding

Insurance companies make you jump through hoops. They often request programs, itemized costs, and other miscellaneous. Let us juggle their requests for you.

Provide a Better Experience for Families

Reduce a family’s financial pressure as they copes with their grief. Our hope is that your families can plan the funerals that properly honor their loved ones.

Simplify Your Process

Spend fewer hours on collection processes, so you can lower your operating costs, minimize your risks, and focus on providing the best possible experience.

Our Process


Complete New Claim Worksheet

Complete the New Claim Worksheet and fax it to 404.393.7049 or email to You may also phone this information in to 833.2WE.FUND (833.293.3863). If you have the policy, please send spec page and application.


Fill Out Irrevocable Assignment & Power of Attorney Form

Have beneficiary(s) sign and notarize the Irrevocable Assignment and Power of Attorney form. Many insurance companies require this paperwork for verification. Also, have the beneficiary(s) complete and sign Insurance Company Claim Form (if required by that company).


We Take It From Here

Our offices will immediately contact the insurance company and then notify you of the status of the policy. We will provide you with any additional documents needed.


Send Original Documents

Send all original documents to First Choice Funeral Funding.

  • Assignment / Reassignment Form
  • Insurance Company Claim Form (if required)
  • Certified Death Certificate – If CDC is not ready at time of funding, then mail what you have and send certified death certificate later.
  • Funeral Bill
  • A copy of the Beneficiary(s) photo ID.
  • Any other document requested by the insurance company.